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Placeholder collage on back cover of ACM Computer Graphics Quarterly
Back cover of the ACM Computer Graphics Quarterly Volume 28 Number 2 May 1994

Placeholder was a Virtual Reality project produced by Interval Research Corporation and The Banff Centre for The Performing Arts, and directed by Brenda Laurel and Rachel Strickland, which explored a new paradigm for multi-person narrative action in virtual environments at the Banff Centre in 1992. The Placeholder archive - composed of over 490 megabytes of working papers, published reports, video clips, sounds, and retrospective comments - is available on a Macintosh CD-ROM by special arrangement (email with a request).  Placeholder: Landscape and Narrative In Virtual Environments - published in the ACM Computer Graphics Quarterly by Brenda Laurel, Rachel Strickland, and Rob Tow - provides an overview of the project.

The Placeholder documentary video, by Rachel Strickland, may be watched here: Placeholder.