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Young Brenda speakingHere are some representative talks and some essays from the last few years. They contain some redundancies, as I often rework a few key ideas for different audiences. When I gave the keynote for CHI '98, Purple Moon was at its zenith. Technological Humanism and Values-Driven Design provides a portrait of the research that informed the company. It also takes a look at the philosophy and politics of doing work in technology that is driven by humanstic values. My keynote for the Game Developers' Conference in 1999 came on the heels of the closure of Purple Moon by its investors. New Players, New Games looks at the larger question of identifying new audiences and crafting content for them - "design research" as opposed to "market research." The Interactive Frictions conference in Los Angeles in 1999 was my first opportunity to speak without the constraints of public relations that had been imposed by Purple Moon and Interval Research. Making Better Media for Kids takes a look at the psychology and politics of Barbie as well as issues surrounding hyper-violent videogames. In the fall of 1999, Christopher Ireland of Cheskin Research and I shared a session on Digital Teens at the Camden Technology Conference. Christopher's report on teen culture and segmentation can be found at the Cheskin Research website. In my talk, I combined research findings about teens with social goals (primarily centered on education and citizenship) to suggest ways to use what we know about teens to create positive changes in their lives. My keynote at GovNet '99, sponsored by the government of Canada, gave me the opportunity to explore hundreds of government sites in many countries. People, Communities, and Service: Shaping the Future of the Internet is intended to offer some design principles for government services online.

Starting off the 21st Century, Creating Core Content in a Post-Convergence World from the AIGA "Collision!" conference in April Y2K examines the problem of where media content comes from, and who will pay for it - and how communities and economies can be built around content. Tools for Knowing, Judging, and Taking Action in the 21st century, another talk I gave in April Y2K at an education conference, is about how the evolution of our technologies and tools will be profoundly shaped by our values. Activism for a New World is the commencement address I gave at the California State University at Monterey Bay in May Y2K. At the 2002 AIGA VOICE conference, I explored the subject of Reclaiming Media - and voice - from the context of consumerism is it is currently practiced.