Severed Heads title page

Severed Heads

 note (essay in progress)

Cypress Curving


Art and Activism in VR

 speech (San Francisco Art Institute, 1991)

Global Media and Common Ground

 speech (Art Futura, Barcelona, 1991)

Silver Spire


New Media and Cultural Diversity

 speech (Digital Be-In, San Francisco, 1992)

The L is for Location

 speech (Digital World, Beverly Hills, 1992)

Trembling Ends


In Defense of Anthropomorphism

 speech (1992, SIGCHI, Boston)

Notes on Characters, Agents, and Narrative Play

 interview (AAAI Workshop, Boston, 1992)

Santa Fe


Placeholder: Landscape and Narrative in Virtual Environments

article (Computer Graphics Quarterly, 1994)

Owl in the Headlights


Placeholder: Notes on Process

 notes (1993)

Snake Goddess Rants
written by Mark Petrakis

 performances (Cobra Lounge, San Francisco 1993-94)

Imagery and Evolution

 speech (SIGGRAPH, Orlando, 1994)

Musings on Amusements in America

 essay (1994)



Coyote People

 speech (Lakeside Sixth Grade Graduation, Santa Cruz Mountains, 1997)

Technological Humanism and Values-Driven Design

 speech (Keynote Address, CHI-98
Los Angeles, California
April, 1998


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