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Thoughts on geopolitics and Gaia

Hyacinths in January

1.31.15 In “The News from Lake Woebegone” last night Garrison Keillor is complaining about the lack of a cold winter in Minnesota because it is diluting Minnesota’s claim to uniqueness as an extremely cold place. Garrison Keillor is a progressive. … Continue reading

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Here are some of my references for the genetics touched upon in my talk at QGCon last week (Oct. 25). Biesecker, Leslie G. and Nancy B. Spinner. “A genomic view of mosaicism and human disease.” Nature Reviews Genetics 14, 307-320 … Continue reading

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Going Home by Greyhound

On a bright January day I was making my way home from a doctor’s appointment. I’d had to fast the day before, so I decided to stop at a ratty-assed coffee shop and treat myself to a greasy breakfast. I … Continue reading

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Let’s Buy a President

“We can’t win.” “They’re out-raising us.” “This is it.” Every day my inbox brings me messages from people with names followed by “Obama for America” or “Move On” or any of a dozen others delivering the dire news that we … Continue reading

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