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In 1993 I was asked by Howard Rheingold to contribute two pages to the upcoming Millennial Whole Earth Catalog, the subject being my ideas about the need to re-invigorate certain Enlightenment ideals in light of post-modernism and deconstructionism. These are the two facing pages (pages 42 and 43) I designed (I did the writing, reviewing, graphics design & scanning, and page-layout for these two pages myself, the latter carefully done to match the standard type & look; the photography of the book covers was done by MWER staff). These pages were not included in the final book as published, much to my regret. Click on an page's image to get download of the full tabloid sized image at 75spi. You may need to save it, and use a different viewer, or print it, to be able to read the print. The central essay (or "rant") - "Reconstructing the Enlightenment"- can also be read in text form here.

MWER-page-42 MWER-page-43