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An audio CD titled Kelp Scum, with artwork, of pseudo-binaural audio recordings of Tibetan bowls, drumming, with desert winds, inside southwestern Indian cave dwellings, by the rushing water of streams & waterfalls, surf & ocean by Rob Tow and Brenda Laurel, from 1993 through 2006. We are calling ourselves Kelp Scum because of our love of snorkling in the kelp forests of northern California.

Click on the track titles below to listen to high rez mp3 samples! To get CD jewel case artwork and full uncompressed 16 bit rez - send an email to

Feb. 2013 - New Kelp Scum single - Speio's Cave.

Kelp Scum title
Kelp Scum rides again
Kelp Scum tracks and license



Drowned in Tequila
Locus Voci Windchimes & Bowl Fisk Mill Cove 2005 Zion Expedition - Brenda throwing rocks Zion Expedition - Pagans in a Cave (with Purple Moonies) Tsawnkawi - Day of the dead - 2005 (with Desert rats) Placeholder Expedition - Troll Falls Brenda's laugh Mosaic Canyon Rob's Snorkel - Honeymoon Bay (Danzante 2005) Ladybug Bridge (Locus Voci) creekside (stones - bowl) Joshaua tree 8 Creative Commons Mendocino 1 Joshua Tree 6 Joshua tree 2 Joshua Tree 4 Amboy Crater 2006 Amboy Crater 2 (bowls and rocks) Amboy Crater 3 (beer bottle and wind) Mendocino 13 Mendocino 12 Mendocino 11 Mendocino 8 Mendocino 6 Mendocino 5 Mendocino 4 Mendocino 3 Mendocino 2 Zion Expedition - Emerald Pool Zion Expedition - Pine Creek Pebble Tossing Zion Expedition - Pine Creek Duet #1 Zion Expedition - Pine Creek Duet #2 Zion Expedition - Pine Creek Duet #3 Danzante Resort Core Sound